The Perfume Arte Loyalty Program consists of the creation and availability, to its Members / Customers, of a unique set of offers, discounts and other benefits in the network of the Loyalty Program. These offers, discounts and benefits are made available by letter, SMS, e-mail, through its physical stores or other type of communications, being of a generic nature or specifically directed to the interests and preferences of its Members, identified through the analysis of consumption.

Perfume Arte reserves the right to decide on the benefits associated with the Loyalty Program, on its conditions of use and, as well as on the cancellation, modification or replacement of the Loyalty Program. The benefits granted and the respective General Conditions are available in and may be requested in the physical stores Perfume Arte. In case of cancellation, alteration or replacement of the Loyalty Program, Perfume Arte will communicate such cancellation, alteration or replacement through any of the channels indicated above.

Perfume Arte also reserves the right to change the General Conditions, this fact being communicated in If you terminate the General Conditions, you will no longer be able to use any advantages arising from the Loyalty Program.

The loyalty program of Perfume Arte is managed by Perfume Arte, Comércio de artigos cosméticos do Centro, LDA, headquartered in the Industrial Zone of Soure Lt. 27, in the district of Coimbra, Municipality of Soure, registered at the Commercial Registry of Soure under the unique registration number of legal person 501 997 458 (hereinafter only Perfume Arte). Being the owner of the same the Adherent who accepts these General Conditions.

Only those over 16 (sixteen) years of age may join.

Perfume Arte only collects and processes the personal data necessary to provide you with a quality service and as personalized as possible, in accordance with what you have committed to under the Loyalty Program. Perfume Arte does not process personal data that is not necessary for the operation of the Loyalty Program. To this extent, the processing of personal data carried out is essential so that Perfume Arte can ensure compliance with its obligations, as provided for in the General Conditions, and so that the Members can benefit from the respective advantages and benefits.

  1. By becoming a Perfume Arte customer, the customer declares that he authorizes the processing of his data purposes exclusively linked to campaigns and actions.
  2. Whether you are a new customer or are updating your customer file, you will have to provide your data and will be responsible for the transfer of the same.
  3. By becoming a Perfume Arte customer, you are automatically taking advantage of the customer card, where you can accumulate points that can be translated into discounts on future purchases.
  4. The customer card is unique and non-transferable. Only one customer is associated with each card.
  5. Personal data will be kept only for the period strictly necessary for the purpose for which they are processed.
  6. The customer expressly declares that the data provided are accurate and that they will be updated whenever necessary.
  7. The customer may exercise the right of access, rectification and / or deletion of their data and / or opposition in writing, through letter and / or email addressed to Perfume Arte.
  8. Also in writing, through a letter addressed to the address of Perfume Arte or through email, the customer may request the limitation and / or deletion of their data.

Perfume Arte does not process special categories of personal data, i.e. data relating to your racial or ethnic origin, your health, your life or sexual orientation, your religious, philosophical or political beliefs, or genetic or biometric data.

By joining our loyalty program, you automatically start accumulating points and other benefits according to the campaigns in force.

There is no accumulation of points in purchases with discounts, campaigns, vouchers and / or promotions that exceed 30% and / or other value to be defined by Perfume Arte.

The points corresponding to the purchase made will be available in your account after 24 hours.


  • Available in the campaigns valid at all times in the physical stores Perfume Arte.
  • Coupons cannot be combined with each other, except in specific situations expressly indicated in the conditions of the coupons themselves.
  • You can accumulate discount promises and at the same time rebate the balance of the Card
  • The accumulation of advantages / balance on the card will always be according to the campaign in force.

To be able to redeem your points you must have at least 200 points.

For every 200 points slaughtered, you will have approximately 5€ discount.

Points cannot be redeemed for cash and the discount obtained through your redemption cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

The points will be available for redemption in a subsequent purchase than the one that gave rise to it.

It is not possible to redeem points on discounted purchases/promotions, on purchases of aesthetic services services or on the purchase of gift/gift checks.

The exchange of the amount on the card in a purchase is in accordance with the rules of the campaigns in force.

It is not possible to exchange the value in discounted purchases / promotions, in purchases of aesthetic services or in the purchase of gift / gift checks.

The amount cannot be exchanged for cash and the discount obtained through your redemption is not cumulative with other discounts or promotions.

The amount to be discounted may not exceed 99% of the purchase price.

Points are valid for 12 months

They will be valid according to each campaign launched.


  1. The accumulation of points and / or advantages / balance is only made in purchases in the physical stores of Perfume Arte.
  2. Only accumulated points and/or advantages/balance can be deducted from 24H after the moment of purchase.
  3. After the customer deducts points and / or advantages / advantages, can only return to discount 24 hours later.
  4. Perfume Arte reserves the right to resolve these General Conditions, cancelling the cards and their balances, whenever the practice of a crime, fraud, misuse, commercial use or other pertinent reason is detected.
  5. Perfume Arte reserves the right to change the conditions at any time, temporarily or permanently.
  6. Points and/or advantages/card balance cannot be exchanged for cash and the discount obtained through your redemption is not cumulative with other discounts or promotions.

For more information about the operation of the Loyalty Program and the processing of your personal data, contact the Customer Service ( or the face-to-face service at Perfume Arte Stores.

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